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About Us

ELS has been serving the Phoenix area since 1978.

Who we are

Founded by Michael Pike in 1978, and led by Ryan Pike and Jimmy Castine today, ELS provides full-service landscape design, construction, and maintenance for community developments and corporate campuses across the Phoenix area. Our Arbor Care and Enhancement divisions ensure that we can handle anything you need done on your property.


Ryan Pike


Jimmy Castine


Our Services

If your project involves landscaping construction and/or regular maintenance, chances are we can satisfy whatever you may need.


We build the landscape infrastructure for new developments around the Phoenix metro area.


We handle the landscape maintenance from trimming to lawn care to irrigation and beyond in dozens of properties each year.

Arbor Care

Our Arbor Care Division ensures that all of your plants are as healthy as possible throughout the seasons.


From monument sign installation to playground repair to lighting fixture installation, we can do whatever you need to make your development the best it could possibly be.

Let’s talk about your project!