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What our clients are saying about us

Expertise In All Things Landscape

“Just wanted to thank you so very much for being at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday. Your support of the community, expertise in all things landscape are invaluable. I hope you realize how much a part of the team you truly are and if I don’t say it enough…Thank you!”
– Community Manager, CCMC
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Above and Beyond

I need to thank your employee that was working in the park area yesterday morning trimming trees on the edge of the green belt. I tripped, fell and could not get up unassisted. Your employee ran all the way across the greenbelt and helped me. I wanted to personally let you know how grateful I am for his help.

– Homeowner, Ironwood Crossing Homeowners Association

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Emergency Responsiveness

Thank you for getting this tree addressed so quickly. Your crew was amazing to watch and the board and homeowners were so pleased that the tree was removed as quickly as it was. We appreciate everything ELS did to assist us with this emergency situation.

– Vice President, Vision Community Management

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Continuously Exceeds Our Expectations

As Seville’s Community Manager for the last 13 years I have had the pleasure of working with ELS and since the inception of Seville from 2001 to date, ELS Maintenance has had the landscape contract at Seville. “The HOA Board feels that ELS’s service is the best in the valley and as a community manager I agree.” As you know landscape maintenance is always a top priority and without pro-active care your crown jewel can become your biggest eyesore. Many landscape companies talk a big game however very few actually deliver. ELS is definitely an exception and a true leader in their industry. From professionalism, to unlimited knowledge, problem solving, outstanding communication and integrity we have to say; ELS continues to exceed our expectations. Our community prides itself on customer service and we have ELS to thank for being a part of the pro-active care.

– Community Manager, Seville Homeowners Association

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Going the Extra Mile

When it comes to landscaping there are loads of competitors that can promise the world, but with ELS they always go the extra mile to make my job as a community manager easier. They provide regular reports on the status of the community and ideas on how to improve the community appearance. They are very knowledgeable and don’t mind taking the time to coach me on the process so I can explain to my board members and homeowners what to expect with projects. They are always on top of irrigation leaks and available 24 hours to assist with community emergencies. I highly recommend ELS Maintenance Inc. for regular landscape needs, and construction project for HOA’s they listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do.

– Community Manager, Brown Community Management

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Homeowner Feedback

The ELS team was respectful, neat, and efficient!

– Homeowner at Superstition Foothills

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