Enhancements That Add Value: Granite Topdress

As Summer begins to roll in here in the desert southwest, it is important to begin to take measures to get your landscape ready for the high temperatures and dry heat to come! A great investment when preparing your landscape for Summer is choosing to enhance your community with a granite replenishment. This will not only enhance the design of your community landscape but also can protect your plant material from the upcoming heat and reduce weed growth that is typical in the Spring/Summer seasons.

Enhancing Community Appearance

Decomposed granite is a great enhancement for any community landscape as it provides a background of color and texture for plant materials. It looks great near plantings and sidewalks, especially here in Arizona where a majority of our landscape design pulls from the tans and browns of the desert. This is a fantastic option when it comes to filling in any barren spots in your overall landscape or when adding to spots that need a little extra something to complete the look and add value to your community.

Plant Protection Benefits

Other than the design benefits of a granite topdress in your common areas, this material is also a great option when it comes to protecting surrounding plant material. Granite is known to control dust and erosion and can even reduce evaporation that would typically occur in these areas- saving on overall water costs. Granite also helps to prevent root burn, a condition caused by over-fertilization, in between plantings. This makes it a great option this time of year as we are switching from frost-hardy to heat-hardy plants.

Cost and Maintenance Benefits

Investing in granite replenishment decreases maintenance costs as well as water usage costs that are associated with other options! Not only does this material withstand any temperature but it also requires little upkeep outside of occasional weed prevention and refilling of bare areas (which may be caused over time by high foot traffic). Granite is great to add near plants or even if you are considering a full conversion from turf to granite- typical in Arizona as a way to decrease large water usage costs!

The ELS Enhancements Division is solely dedicated to work such as granite replenishment for your commercial property or community. This division goes above and beyond the everyday landscape maintenance needs of a property to increase your landscape and property value!

Interested in a quote? Our Enhancements team is here to help!

Kevin Leslie | Enhancements Director | [email protected]