Hiring the Right Arborist for Your HOA Tree Management

Trees are an important asset to any HOA community or commercial property as they provide a number of benefits including adding economic value to a property, energy savings, carbon dioxide capture, and shade production for the surrounding landscape. When it comes to tree management, it is important to find certified professionals who are able to keep these amazing assets maintained.

Certified arborists are trained individuals who understand the ins and outs of tree care and can perform all of the necessary steps of installing and maintaining a tree to maturity. When looking for a certified arborist to trust with your community’s largest asset it is important to consider the certifications that your arbor contractor holds as well as their education and reputation as tree experts.

Arborists should be trained in the planting, pruning, removal, and maintenance of trees. Their job goes far beyond the installation of trees in a community and reaches out to maintaining the health and structure of the tree into maturity.

Planting: Arbor care professionals may plant or transition trees from nursery to a new site. It is not uncommon to have different companies install and maintain the trees. However, companies that offer a wholesale nursery or other service to provide trees while also offering arbor care are a great way to go to get the job done from start to finish.

Arizona Landscape Contractor’s Association Sustainable Tree Planting

Pruning: The ultimate goal of tree pruning is to maintain a healthy and structurally sound tree that grows naturally into its mature size. Your arborist should be pruning only when these goals are not being met or when there is a need caused by external factors. Common tree pruning purposes include the removal of tree limbs or foilage due to (or to prevent from) storm damage, seasonal pruning, pruning to keep the tree from obstructing walkways, structures and streets, and removal of branches that may cause a safety hazard to others or to the tree itself.

Pruning Deciduous Shade Trees

Removal: Tree removal is inevitable over time and needs to be done carefully so as not to harm the overall landscape. Certified arborists should be able to help you understand when the correct time is to remove a tree and provide you with a plan for the removal as well as reason. Reasons for tree removals can range but typically include the changing of a certain species of tree, death of a tree, risk, and a tree outgrowing that area in which it was planted.

It is important to have a professional perform any tree removals to ensure safety of everyone in the community.

Maintenance: Maintenance of trees includes all of the above steps as well as emergency tree services, disease control, fertilization and soil management, and more. In finding a company to provide these services and maintain your landscape it is a good idea to go with a comprehensive company that has divisions dedicated to both Arbor and overall maintenance.

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