Types of Turf for Your AZ Landscape

There are a variety of turf options when it comes to the choice for your landscape, however here in the desert southwest it is important to be aware of the kinds which survive best through our hot Summers and short Winters.

We recommend choosing between Bermudagrass, Midiron, and St. Augustine for the Summer turf in your AZ landscape. These are best used in general areas and are strong warm season grasses that will survive the heat!

Breaking Down Your Options- Warm Season Turf


  • High heat tolerance
  • Grown from seed
  • Dormant in the Winter Months (Typically Nov.-March)
  • Does not always need Overseed in the Winter
  • Requires around 8 hours of sunlight/ a day to thrive
  • Maintenance Includes: Regular weed control and fertilization, mowing to ensure height of 1-3 inches, regular irrigation, and Winter Overseeding.

St. Augustine

  • Thrives in shadier areas
  • Requires only about 3 hours of sunlight a day to thrive
  • Available in Sod form as well as plugs or stolons
  • Not a strong candidate for Overseeding but does retain some green color in the Winter months
  • Maintenance Includes: Regular fertilization, mowing to ensure height of 1-3 inches, no overseeding, placement in mostly-shaded areas.

Mid Iron

  • High heat tolerance
  • Can handle quite a bit of foot traffic making it great for use in parks and high traffic areas
  • Requires 8 hours of sunlight per day to thrive
  • Available as Sod
  • Maintenance includes: Regular fertilization and weed control, regular irrigation, monitoring for pests and disease, Winter overseeding, and mowing to height of 1-3 inches depending on intended use.

Winter Turf Options for Your AZ Landscape

In the late Fall months it is recommended to Overseed both Bermudagrass and Mid Iron turf. When overseeding, it is important to choose a strong cold season grass that will ensure your landscape looks its best throughout the Winter. We recommend choosing between Annual and Perennial Ryegrass to Overseed your lawn.

Annual Ryegrass:

  • Fast germinating
  • Green color is bright and aesthetic

Perennial Ryegrass:

  • Fast Germinating
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Hardier turf than Annual Ryegrass

Take these characteristics into account when choosing the right turf for your Homeowner’s Association landscape and be sure to reach out to a professional with any questions before laying down your new turf.

For more information on the steps in Overseeding visit our article here.

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