Landscape Management; Shrub Pruning in an Arizona Landscape

Shrubs are an integral part of any Arizona landscape as they are easy to maintain, survive well in the desert climate, and are great for taking up extra ground space and bringing a diverse landscape together.

Shrubs are typically chosen for a landscape to keep maintenance costs low and for their natural appearance and aesthetic. Though they come in a variety of species with different characteristics, they typically all share similar attributes of simplicity and shapeliness.

When choosing the type of shrubs to place on a property or in a community landscape it is important to consider the surrounding plants, the amount of space the shrub/shrubs will have, and the maintenance and pruning that will be involved to keep them looking their best year yound.

Shrub Maintenance: Pruning Shrubs

Pruning is a process where a part of a plant is removed intentionally to either increase the plant/shrub health, rejuvenate the plant/shrub, or control the size. This is an important part of the maintenance of a landscape as not only does it keep the shrubs looking their best throughout the year but it also can aid in the bloom of flowering shrubs if done at the correct time.

Pruning schedules dictate the appropriate time to prune shrubs based on the species. For rejuvenation pruning, this is particularly important as it is scheduled to be completed in the Winter to promote Spring growth. If this pruning is not done at the right time it could lead to consequences such as plant death and need for replacement.

When pruning, it is important to ensure that you are using the correct tools. Hand pruners, such as bypass pruners and loppers, are considered appropriate for most shrub pruning techniques. However, it is advised for heavier work that professionals may use power equipment when necessary. Referring to a complete pruning guide for when to use what tool based on plant species will help you decide on the appropriate technique to use.

What to Expect From Your Landscape Management Company

If you have a landscape management company working for you , it is important to know what you should be expecting of them when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your landscape.

When it comes to shrubs, landscape management companies should be scarcely pruning shrubs so as to keep natural shape, performing rejuvenation pruning according to annual schedule, and using the correct tools as noted above.

If you are looking for a landscape management company to beautify the landscape of your HOA community or commercial property, reach out today!