HOA Community Management: What to do With Extra Budget in the New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, its time to start thinking about what you can do with budget for 2021.

When it comes to the landscape of your HOA community, there are quite a few options on where budget can go to ensure that it is being optimized this year. We recommend putting that budget into elements that will save money for your community in the long run, increase community value, and/or upgrade the neighborhood.

Some great ideas when it comes to spending on your landscape include focusing on enhancements that you may have put off, dedicating budget to arbor care, and/or budgeting for plant replenishments.

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Enhancements projects can range from irrigation installation and upgrades to pest prevention/control. These projects go above and beyond the everyday landscaping maintenance of a property and involve upgrades to the community that will not only save you money in the long term but also will increase the overall value and appeal.

ELS has its own division dedicated to enhancements projects with a team of professionals who are able to analyze your property’s needs and make recommendations that will be best for you and your budget. Request a bid for any of your upcoming projects today!

Plant Replenishments technically fall under the enhancements umbrella as well. However, plant replenishments are noteable in their own manner as they are a great way to give your property a noticeable upgrade in a quick yet impactful way. Your landscape management company can help you achieve this by taking a full inventory of your current plants and offering recommendations on which to remove/replace or which areas of your community would benefit from additional plants.

ELS has a wholesale nursery with a large variety of plants and trees that spans over 30 acres. ELS can partner with your community to review plant palette opportunities and create a contractual grow plan for your property in advance. Request a bid on your plant replenishment project!

Arbor Care is another great way to spend budget! Trees are the largest asset to any HOA community or property and investing in trees will always increase value. Hiring on certified arborists for your property this year will ensure that your trees are well cared for, properly pruned, and are able to provide years of shade, beauty, and value to your community.

ELS has a division of certified arborists and tree climbers who are dedicated to ensuring quality tree management and services to HOA communities and commercial properties. Our experienced and certified climbers take your tree care to the next level with precision pruning techniques and adherence to strict safety guidelines. To request an Arbor bid, click here.

Now that you have a good idea of options when it comes to your 2021 budget, we hope you feel equipped to make the best decision for your community.